Financial Sobriety Podcast

Dr. Rishi Menon Begins His Story… Things Weren’t Right

Today’s episode reveals a look into the reality that even the most respected of professions has its’ shortcomings and challenges when it comes to the personal side of those in that practice. Hosts Jim Gebhardt and Matthew Grishman speak with a very special guest and personal friend of Matthew’s on what began a spiral into self-doubt and substance abuse.

Dr. Rishi Menon, a practicing cardiologist and member of a cardiology group, shares the beginning of his story in this first episode of three parts, on what caused his dive into a darker space and then what began to lead him out into that self-realization that there is hope and healing.

Even the superheroes we think Doctors are can be misconstrued as you’ll hear in this very frank and candid discussion.


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